Quarterly auto bill pay is available.

Please click here to fill in the Authorization form which needs to be returned to the Waterford Sanitary District.

Authorization Form

If you do not wish to sign up for auto bill pay, we would like to encourage you to pay by U.S. Mail using the pay stub.   Of course, you can still pay in person at the office during business hours, or by using the outside drop box located by the front entrance to the sanitary district office. Please include your phone and e-mail address and any other changes on the payment stub to accurately update your account.

Please consider signing up for auto bill pay as a means to keep costs, and user fees, as low as possible. We appreciate your cooperation and support. Thank you.

**PLEASE NOTE ** Quarterly billing comes out: January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1. Payment of $117.72 for district owned grinder pumps, and $110.92 for those with privately owned grinder pumps is due the 20th of that month.  After the 20th, a late fee of 5% is assessed on the balance.

Late fees assessed by any government agency is a matter of law.  Only the commissioners are allowed to waive any fees or charges that are properly assessed.






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